Toilet paper stock in a country that’s 9,415 km away causes a tempestuous response within the Greek and other European Parliaments. Venezuela, a state on the brink of economic collapse, is considered as a major threat to the national security of the USA. International news agencies lie, comparing the refugee crisis in Venezuela to that of the Rohingya people in Myanmar.

A documentary on Venezuela is not just about Venezuela. It is not mainly about Venezuela. It may not even be about Venezuela at all.

A documentary on Venezuela is a study on the modern (and not so modern) forms of propaganda and of regime change operations in Latin America and Europe. It is also an opportunity to measure democracy in other parts of the world. To talk about political prisoners in Catalonia and of a permanent state of emergency in France. It is an opportunity to think about why there are not enough medical supplies in Caracas, but also why some people have decayed teeth in Los Angeles.

The documentary follows a Greek journalist puzzled by Venezuela’s central role in the European political debate. Through several trips to Venezuela, he is trying to understand why the politicians in his crisis-ridden continent spend their time debating whether there is enough toilet-paper in Caracas. The reality that he discovers, traveling from the shanty-towns of the capital to the borders with Colombia, is very different from the conventional narrative on the country.

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